Dave and his team are above and beyond, they really do deliver as promised and then some! We've been with AZ Tech Works for 1 year now and our technology needs have truly been out of sight and out of mind. AZTW's response time is lightning fast, they never geek-speak, they are incredibly organized, and they plan; like most other things in life, technology is chess, it isn't checkers. Most importantly, they know what they are doing; time and time again, AZTW has shown us that they are abundantly qualified and happy to handle any and every situation or issue. That sense of confidence is priceless! We've had many tech firms to support our technology, some better than others, but not one like AZ Tech Works! Dave, you and your team put the "E" in excellence, thank you for all of your hard work!

Joe Shepstead Climate Pro

Dave and his team are amazing! They find issues before they become disasters, they have a lightning fast response time, and they always follow up. The AZ Tech Works team is professional, detail oriented, incredibly organized and they have a ticketing system that is superior to systems that we’ve used in the past. Dave and his team NEVER geek-speak my team so anyone can put a ticket in, big or small, and it’s handled in no time. They take care of everything and help us to proactively plan to get the most out of our technology. I know that it isn’t a coincidence that we’ve had zero down time since we’ve been with AZ Tech Works.

The monthly investment we make with AZ Tech Works is worth every penny. In the HVAC industry we say the cheapest is rarely the best and the best is never the cheapest and I find that it is true with technology too. We at Climate Pro LLC strongly encourage anyone in need of exceptional I.T. services to give Dave a call, you won’t regret it!

Erica Ozment Owner
Climate Pro LLC

Hiring Arizona Tech Works was the best decision I ever made! Paying a company monthly for computer support was a big step for me. Now they tell me of the problems they’ve resolved before my staff or I even know about them. I now rest so much easier knowing that they are constantly monitoring my network and servers.

Tim Furst Furst & Associates, CPAs

I had been paying another computer company a monthly fee to back up my critical patient and business data. I started working with Arizona Tech Works to resolve some other issues with my network. They discovered that my data had not been backed up for over 18 months! I was shocked. I could just imagine the devastation if my server were to fail. It could have wiped us out. Dave implemented a plan within 24 hours to get the data secure. Dave literally saved my company from a disaster waiting to happen. I can sleep at night knowing that my data is secure and that my systems and network are being watched constantly. Arizona Tech Works responds to my calls within 1 hour. Further they manage my vendors which saves my staff and I a tremendous amount of time.

Karen Hong & Joshua Hong DDS

Dave is the perfect solution to the small business who needs an IT manager without the expense of a full time staff. In our industry we constantly see customers who suffer from not having their network set up correctly and it makes business inefficient. To have a guy with Dave's expertise at your disposal will make your life so much easier. AZ Tech Works is logical insurance for your data network.

Dan Lee Project Manager
American Telephone

I own a small business in where information and time are my biggest resources. Dave is the most knowledgeable and most efficient IT professional I have hired in my 12 + years in business. He takes the time to explain to me in language I can understand what is wrong and what he will do to resolve the issue. No problem is too big or small and he always finishes the job on or before schedule. His proactive approach to data backup and security has benefited my company by saving our database information saving countless man hours and avoiding having in essence to have to start my business from scratch.. I enjoy working with Dave and I highly recommend his company to any business that is looking for someone to resolve IT issues.

Jared Rogers President
SearchForce Advisors

I had an absolute emergency with some malware on my main PC, called Dave on a Saturday evening and he was there within the hour. He fixed the problem and saved the day. I highly recommend him!

Ray Taylor Owner

David and the AZTechworks team are excellent at solving problems. They not only address your issues, but looks beyond and finds ways to enhance your business. Their technical solutions for my business allowed me to offer additional services to my clients and increase my sales and profits. I recommend Arizona Tech Works without reservation!

Deb Morgaina Owner
Avalon Consulting

Dave is an expert of experts. His technological expertise far exceeds many want-a-be computer wizards. I have given him what I deemed difficult tasks which he completed in a matter of minutes. He has the ability and expertise to do the job the first time and correctly. I am truly amazed that a single person can understand and operate a vast amount of systems. I highly recommend Dave to handle your simple or most difficult computer problems, he can get it done.

David McIntosh Owner
Arizona Blue Sky Realty

I first met Dave through the Rotary Club we are both members of. I contacted Dave when we moved our business into an office building to help set-up a computer system. He recommended a low cost set-up that met our needs. I now use Dave whenever I have a computer issue. His knowledge and professionalism are superlative.

Steve Kramer President
Blessings For Seniors

David and I have worked in three different venues together over the last four years. Each time and with each function that needed to be performed David handled himself in a completely professional manner and instilled in me full confidence that I was being given the proper input relative to all network and website issues. I would not hesitate to have David in involved in any of his specialty areas.

Robert Shank Managing Director
International Association for Six Sigma Certification, LLC

I highly recommend Dave. We engaged Dave to develop, implement and manage our infrastructure, which included back-office systems as well as customer-facing e-learning platforms. Dave was timely and effective, and always went the extra mile to ensure we were fully operational. He was also forward-looking in terms of learning new technologies and bringing innovative solutions to us. Thorough, well-documented, and supportive. I highly recommend him.

Bruce Williams Co-founder and CEO
Savvi International

Dave has worked with our organization since December 2004 and has provided timely and expert service for all of our technology needs. He has implemented projects/installations from the beginning and modified as the business has changed. He has been instrumental in our IT cost reduction program over the past year.

Roxanne Britland President

David is a highly trained technical expert and knows how to service people and solve their problems. He has a network of knowledge experts that he can collaborate on any problem or solution and works effectively and efficiently to meet everyone's needs. I enjoyed working with David and trust him with any problem to find a solution that meets my needs or anyone's requirements.

Paul Hellinga Deployment Manager & MBB

Dave saved the day! If you need immediate results with your computer or network operations he's the one to call! Within a few minutes I was up and running! He provided me solid solutions for networking my home computers, so I hired him to fix the problems with our office systems. Dave was able to repair our equipment and make us more functional, results other IT Consultants failed to accomplish! Not only was his expertise greatly appreciated, but he helped at a rate that met my household and business budgets. Thanks Dave for saving the day, the home, and the office operations!

Randy Akers Consultant
PrePaid Legal